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take this leapt of faith
I'm a girl who takes a long time to warm up to people and get friendly, but please feel free to add me if you wish to know me, I promise that I don't bite unless you look delicious. I'll always enjoy people with an intelligent or wacky mind, or those who share a common interest with me, particularly if you're an enthusiastic fan of any fandoms I adore!

am also known as veron, beronie, wonwon, lambchop or babygirl to wifey. frequently associated with adjectives like clumsy, weird, absent-minded and introverted. design enthusiast, accident-prone, stranger-phobic and socially inept. proud citizen of Singapore, speaks mandarin, english and verberrish. a self-contradictory kid who's fond of pretty boys, aggressive girls and things that I can glomp. constantly hungry for knowledge, good food and all things beautiful. can be temperamental, particularly when I'm tired, annoyed or thinking. hates loud noise, repetition and being interrupted when I'm reading.
never face the pain of losing you
fandoms i support

• lolita/ega/decora

• kat-tun/johnny entertainment

• hana yori dango/japanese drama

• vocaloid

• minami-ke

• toradora

• kuroshitsuji

• melancholy of suzumiya haruhi

• skip beat

• special A

• ouran high school host club

& many others